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Sure, there are many underpaid studio girls on cam sites, but, in my opinion, they're better off in a studio.

Regardless, if she's a studio girl or work-from-home model, I love spoiling my favorites by buying them gifts and tipping. (I like to believe that.) Fresh content in porn is difficult to find, especially nowadays.

Some girls even squirt - and while I have had to deal with really weak squirters who also take a ton of time to finally eek out a little liquid, I have also found a few girls who are like Old Faithful with how much and how well they can make themselves squirt.

Sei sicuro di non voler abilitare la versione Flash-version della chat?

La versione Flash è completamente funzionale e ottimizzata.

And when I find babes like that - who really provide the service I desire - I make sure to remember them and visit them often and tip them.

I also feel good knowing that many of the cam girls are, in a sense, independent business operators and they get a much larger percentage of the money I spend than they would if they were acting in a porn film.

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And if we bring the metaphor back to live cam sites, when you have the model all to yourself you get to direct the show.

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