Windows live one care not updating

Since this is my first experience with Windows Live One Care I want to test everything out during the 90 day trial.

Another thing I noticed right away is several balloons and other messages pointing out what One Care believes to be lacking security on my system.

An improvement I noticed when launching AIMP Audio Player which is associated with Last.

Microsoft's Live One Care even finishes the cleanup with a defragmentation, like reorganizing your shelves so you can find your stuff more quickly.The One Care Removal Tool is a program created by the Microsoft One Care product team that can be used to remove One Care from your computer in the event that it is not uninstalling properly.Please note that after this tool has finished removing One Care from your computer it will automatically enable the Windows Firewall in order to protect you.For this article I am installing it on Windows Vista Ultimate 64.I would imagine the process is very similar in other versions of Vista and XP.

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