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There is both positive and negative effect of this act of incarnation, for as Craddock writes, “a saving presence can also be a disturbing presence.” In other words, some will receive this word and others won’t.Some will receive it as grace and others as judgment.They’re not separate from each other, they are a tandem.Now some amongst us will not be ready to receive grace, and thus judgment will fall more heavily, but on the world as a whole the promise is one of salvation. The question is how and when will we receive this word?

Neither Schilling nor Brownstein – who previously dated Cara Delevingne‘s girlfriend, musician St. When asked about the relationship with Brownstein, Schilling played coy.According to Fred Craddock, whose death we recently grieved, the reading for today is comprised of two units—unit one is found in verses 14 and 15, while unit two comprises the remainder of the passage.Both units speak of belief and eternal life, but for our part, I want to focus on unit two, which Craddock suggests is a “theological reflection upon the meaning of Christ coming into the world.” The key to the passage is the promise that the light of God has come into the world so that good and evil can be illuminated.If we’re honest ourselves and about the world in which we live we know that there is need for judgment but also grace.With Fred Craddock, I believe that both grace and judgment are found in this encounter.

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In verse 17 John writes that God did not send the son to condemn the world, but rather to save it. Whatever salvation is, God wants that for the world.

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