What is an invalidating environment

Invalidating environments can be a contributor to a child’s growing up and later being diagnosed with BPD, and is then one of the worst, if not the worst, environments for someone already diagnosed with BPD, to be in.

Growing up, I definitely lived in a very invalidating environment.

This creates quite the altered sense of reality, and an adult who is at times stuck in a stage of feeling like a child that just needs and wants taken care of.

When I was first diagnosed, my therapist at that time gave me an emotions wheel.

I used to look at this worksheet anytime I had an emotion, so I could try to figure out which one I was feeling.

My dad, was then like the villain in my life, and as a child, the only person who could have saved me, was my mom. She looked the other way, took his side, and denied that there was ever an issue, along with encouraging me to just do what he said (so she didn’t have to stand up to him).

To this day, she is still like this, and so I’ve learned to never express things to her, and to basically only be a shell of happiness when I’m around her.

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