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Once registered you can use Phone, SMS, Smartphone or Website parking.Any calls to our standard phone parking service are much quicker and simpler because we already know most of the details we need for your parking.(For example, 2346 = Blackpool South Pier) No, each location code is sorted by area on our website, on the locations page, and VAT receipts allows you to look over any previously purchased parking for if you need to purchase parking in the same area again.Additionally if you are in a car park, there will be signage informing you of the code.Unfortunately we cannot refund any sessions purchased where a parking space is not available.Auto Pay is a system driven by Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.Alternatively, you can send a SMS (text message) to update your vehicle registration mark (VRM) aligned with your parking permit. Web Payments are be available via the Connect Web Site on selected locations.If you navigate to the a location page and chose the buy option next to the respective tariff, this will take you through the purchase process.

Once setup, the vehicle at the top of the list is the default vehicle that will be used for IVR, SMS, Smart-phone and website transactions.If you contact the customer services team (via phone, email or our feedback form) they will be able to help by updating your purchase with the correct vrm.A location code is a 4 digit number that acts as a reference for one of the partnered car parks where you can purchase your parking using any of the CCP systems.If your mobile phone contract blocks this facility you can add your VRM via the Smart Phone application or the Web Page or you could contact your local Customer Services Agent, contact details should be displayed at the location you have parked.If you have sent us a reg message and it has not been delivered, it is most likely to be that your mobile phone network has blocked sending messages to this shortcode.

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