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In the following Packet Tracer exercise and accompanying video tutorials, I demonstrate four different ways of configuring NAT.

Managing in Cisco Catalyst Switches Running Cisco IOS Software Document ID: Contents Introduction Prerequisites Requirements Components Used Related Products Conventions Background Information Managing File During Switch Bootup Filename and Location Viewing VLAN Information Reset VLAN Information to Defaults Recovering File Backup and Restore of File Archiving Using Archive Management VLAN Information and Redundancy Related Information Introduction Cisco Catalyst switches that run Cisco IOS software releases maintain the VLAN information in a special file named

Therefore: The broadcast address of this subnetwork is Question 2 What is the bandwidth on the WAN interface of Router1?

A – 16 Kbit/sec B – 32 Kbit/sec C – 64 Kbit/sec D – 128 Kbit/sec E – 512 Kbit/sec F – 1544 Kbit/sec command: Therefore the bandwidth on the WAN is 512 Kbit/sec.

Notice that Router1 does not have Ethernet 0 and Serial 0 interfaces.

Fast Ethernet 0/0 and Serial 0/0 were configured with their IP addresses therefore only Fast Ethernet 0/1 and Serial0/1 have not had any configurations applied.

There are 5 multiple-choice questions with this task.

You will learn all the secrets about troubleshooting OSPF, EIGRP, BGP and everything else you learned for CCNP ROUTE and SWITCH. This is the first CCNP TSHOOT Troubleshooting scenario based on the official Cisco CCNP TSHOOT topology.This lab is pre-configured and “broken” so you can learn how to troubleshoot a full network.I've attached the PKT but effectively design is a simple 3 switch model ...All interconnected with Trunks SWT0 is running in VTP mode SERVER and SWT1 and SWT2 are mode CLIENT if I add a new vlan on SWT0 (vlan 10, name V10-Delete) the VLAN and Name appears on all VTP Clients as expected (SH VLAN BRIEF)if I delete the vlan on SWT0 (no vlan 10) then this is reflected on SWT1 (Direct connect to SWT0) but not on SWT2 which is 1 hop from SWT0 Is this a Packet Tracer issue or I am not getting it?

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Before you start with this lab I highly recommend you to study the topology, you can find the PDF in the attachments.

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