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We need to talk about the values of cryptography, of open software and networks, of hackers being a force for measurable good.

We need to talk about how infrastructure like DNS -- it was there 25 years ago, we can imagine it will be there 25 years from now -- acts as foundation for future development in a way that the API of the hour doesn't.

This talk will present a new type of vulnerability named "JNDI Reference Injection" found on malware samples attacking Java Applets (CVE-2015-4902).Essentially, I'd like to provide a model for comprehending the Internet as it stands, that prevents harm to it (how much could we have used EC2 if SSH was illegal) while providing the useful resources to promote its continued operation. Every successful submission provided remote code execution as the super user (SYSTEM/root) via the browser or a default browser plugin.In most cases, these privileges were attained by exploiting the Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X kernel.Although regulations limiting the strength of cryptography that could be exported from the United States were lifted in 1999, and export ciphers were subsequently deprecated in TLS 1.1, Internet-wide scanning showed that support for various forms of export cryptography remained widespread, and that attacks exploiting export-grade cryptography to attack non-export connections affected up to 37% of browser-trusted HTTPS servers in 2015.In this talk, I'll examine the technical details and historical background for all three export-related vulnerabilities, and provide recent vulnerability measurement data gathered from over a year Internet-wide scans, finding that 2% of browser-trusted IPv4 servers remain vulnerable to FREAK, 1% to Logjam, and 16% to Drown.

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