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GM has also finally started using OTA updates (ref 8) on their Chevy Bolt EV, so Tesla no longer has a leg up on OTA updates in this case.

Tesla prides itself in taking a Silicon Valley approach, shortening the procedure where ever they can by making the process more efficient (ref 10).(See hyperbolic discounting.) It doesn’t help that it’s pretty difficult to figure out one should review - the optimal point is when you’re just about to forget about it, but that’s the kicker: if you’re just about to forget about it, how are you supposed to remember to review it?You only remember to review what you remember, and what you already remember isn’t what you need to review!That’s the damnable thing about it - its memory longevity & quality are, in sum, less than that of spaced repetition, but cramming delivers its goods ; I do not know if this is because that kind of testing is a disguised accidental spaced repetition system, or the students/subjects simply studying/acting differently in response to small-stakes exams.) In addition to this short-term advantage, there’s an ignorance of the advantages of spacing and a subjective had been more effective than spacing….When they do consider spacing, they often exhibit the illusion that massed study is more effective than spaced study, even when the reverse is true (Dunlosky & Nelson, 1994; Kornell & Bjork, 2008a; Simon & Bjork 2001; Zechmeister & Shaughnessy, 1980).

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