Updating psp 1000 firmware

Although we tend to think of 3D printers as high-tech toys, most of them are not especially powerful in the brain department.

There are some exceptions, but most 3D printers run on either an 8-bit Arduino or some Arduino variant with a lot of I/O.

Most of those are related to something to do at a given time: operating a stepper motor or setting a PWM output.

The key idea is that the relationship between filament, pressure, and flow rate can be modeled using a linear coefficient.

You can find that value experimentally by printing a test square and finding the lowest number that gives a good-looking corner.

Would it make more sense to do things like parse G-code, map out curves, and set accelerations in the relatively powerful Raspberry Pi and relegate the 8-bit AVR to just commanding motors and heaters?

[Kevin OConnor] thinks so, and he wrote Klipper to prove it.

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