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For more information, see Enable managed navigation for a site in Share Point and Enable publishing features.

Note: If you don’t see EDIT LINKS, you might not have permissions to customize the site navigation. Contact the site owner either to get permissions to make the changes yourself or to have the changes made for you.

For a detailed discussion of the markup for the control and its data source, see Navigation Controls. Top Navigation Bar ' If a Resources link exists, get it. Add As Last(res Link) End If ' If the Resources node has a Share Point Dev Center child, get it. Read() End Sub End Module The top link bar of a subsite can inherit the navigation links on the parent site's top link bar instead of defining its own set of links.

For example, you can set properties that add flyout menus for displaying subordinate items below links on the bar. Url Dim spdev Title As String = "Share Point Developer Center" Dim spdev Url As String = " ' Get the top link bar. A top link bar that is configured this way can provide a consistent experience for users who are moving between the parent site and the subsite.

Marketing, Sales, and Finance are subsites of the Contoso parent site.

Do you have the necessary permissions to configure navigation?

In Share Point Foundation 2010, the primary master page for both content pages and application pages is v4.master. Url = spdev Url) ' If the item does not exist, create it.

Only the five newest links appear in the Recent section.

The top link bar helps users of your site navigate to other sites in the site collection by displaying a row of tabs at the top of pages in the site.

The first tab is the "Home" position and usually has a link to the website's home page.

Often other links on the bar point to websites lower in the site hierarchy.

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