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The Fedora Legacy project is a community project that handles releases after Fedora Core team has stopped maintaining updates for those who do not wish to or cannot upgrade.

Fedora Core 4 (FC4, release name Stentz) was released on June 13, 2005 for the i386, AMD64, and Power PC architectures, and was transferred to Fedora Legacy on August 7, 2006.

New packages that end up in Fedora (and later, Red Hat Enterprise Linux) are first added to Fedora development tree.

Fedora development is very rapid and may break at any time, but some developers and testers do use it as their main distribution.

Fedora is designed to be easily installed and configured with a simple graphical installer and the 'system-config' suite of configuration tools.

The installation system includes an option to use GNU GRUB, a boot loader, facilitating the use of Fedora in conjunction with another operating system.

Fedora was derived from the original Red Hat Linux distribution.

Fedora is sometimes called Fedora Linux and Fedora Core Linux, though this is not actually the official name.

As a Fedora development cycle progresses, a series of test releases are delivered, giving users a preview of what is coming, and allowing for testing and feedback. Development versions of distributions such as Red Hat are often referred to as the "bleeding edge" .

In Red Hat and Fedora, this refers to the repositories known by their codename Rawhide.

Fedora Core uses GNOME as its default desktop environment.

The Fedora developers' attention to usability improvements in the GNOME codebase has meant that they have on occasions backported improvements such as the no-focus-steal feature in GNOME, for Fedora Core 4.

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