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It's usually replete with Nigerian email scams; faux financing offers (probably phishing scams); offers for cut-rate Viagra and once-used toilet paper, cheap. But occasionally, I get emails herein that are intended for a real person.Too bad I'm not one in this account, but I digress.

Since ia'm attractive but not a barbie, and also a few extra lbs, I asked him if he read my profile as I know from expierence alot of ppl skip over them!

Well that still wasn't good enough for this guy, he accused me of insulting his intelligence,and that as far as he was concerened he no longer had any interest in me..! Welcome to the world of online dating, when some ppl don't understand... Rule 1: Feel and anticipate nothing until you meet a real person, find them to be a decent match, and then determine what yours/his expectations are. And there is a feeding frenzy when these men/women email each other...sometimes there are more than two..three that they are emailing. I have been on the paid sites and it's the same game.your ready to meet them JUST FOR SEX.an instant winner..other than that.in line.will pencil you in...

When one woman is READY ..that's the one he will choose even if he has set a meeting up...it's.he want no strings attached .for all sex? Thats unfortunatly why It doesnt work , but what most do. I've taken my profile off here a couple of time due to pure frustration.

For them, the tail gets lifted, and they get sprayed.

*DISCLAIMER*: sometimes, it doesn't pay to drink or eat while reading this h'yar. The particular email account of note here is not usually filled with meaningful, useful email.

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