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Honey you cant say shit, get off your high horse, just because its a guy im being even about. I said ALL GIRLS IN QUESTION, not all who have been Involved with him, or is that a little TOO black and white for you, and you need to mix words up a bit? And if you read it again, youll see the reason why it wasnt explained more was because its a difficult situation, but clearly, didnt read.198723Are you referring to Kay marshall?Fuck sake, she says she didnt start anything but the screen shots are from her and its so easy to tell when she posts because if its anyone but sindy or laurel, she goes on one of her self righteous rants , like prev did, so anon before is Kay marshall?idk why and and your little knight are so defesnsive over me going into a fucking public store to partake in playing a childrens card game ive played since i was 8.. no wonder your single and failing to mingle JOKE THREAD IS A COMPLETE FUCKING JOKEitl be funny when it gets closed again. people cant be assed with the outcasts of scottish cosplay scraping around for any dramu they can please keep this shit up.fucking…years…oldyou dont own the shop, you dot influence the managers, you dont own the right to decide who goes hwere, take your mad ass the hell outa my sight, go cool it off outside, its cold enough198257pure assumption at the most. geekaboo, sevral cons and forbidden planet all do yugioh tournamments. unless you psyically confiscate my catds, or brake my legs. maybe youll make me super nation wide famous, and ill put scottish cosplay on the map (not like the rest are doing it well are they)199633Old thread hit reply limit so didnt get deleted.we went to the venue and were emailed saying they would let us sell art to promote there anime thing, when we showed up we met steven the owner, who told us we couldnt vendor unless we gave him 505we disputed it he became extreamly agressive, throw me, sora chan, my ex my friend. there your witnesses.199596When I ask Karli to show me, since im blocked , in before im kay, she always moans cause she cant be bothered with a spineless cunt like yourself, she really only does it when folk ask and even then she rarely can be bothered, she is busy guys are pathetic really. Scottish cosplayer are just fine without you, thanks, youre a complete nobody, and anyone who does know you , knows you for cringe, being a cunt, and a general maggot of a human.your just a salty little white knight thats pissed off i play in the ygo scene. so i get banned from gr because enough people complain. So please continue to tarnish your reputation, youre doing it just fine by yourself.199636youre time of daywellalot of your time it would seam. i littkeraly never had a single fucking problem with half of you.Also Reece, stop being pussy thirsty and white knighting and go back to creeping on the underage catty kids.198253The highlighted part, she obviously didnt understand her GR ban because as far as I was aware it she was only banned from selling at their events, not actually visiting the place, because of her tracing? Except, really it should be "envious", not jealous.She isnt taking anything away from people that would cause them to be jealous.198326Guys name is Terry Wan, he said in person and cant say who to as it would give the game away. Fraser , Andrew and Charlie are all laughing at him for taking pity on an ugly beast like her, how she thinks hes interested is beyond and of us.198395Well Sindy thinks hes attractive , so hes already out her league since she only likes folk leaps and bounds better looking than her, but yea p much.

No one is friends with him, and its complicated because some girls mess with him, but others didnt, so it is very much a Grey area. Also if you don't want to air dirty laundry, don't bring up the idea it exists, either.

so i guess ill wait untill i actually have a repoutation before i listen to how trashed it apparently IS or ISNTtho even if this was to be my reputation " youre a complete nobody, and anyone who does know you , knows you for cringe, being a cunt, and a general maggot of a human.

"i still dont think id give half as much of a fuck as youd like to hope199643i didnt even do anything lmao.

199484Holy fucking shit, no wonder she has to tracemock up or no mock up, that is not the type of final product you look at and think of inkingthe hands look atrocious as well as the weird thigh gap on the girl in the last panel that makes her look anorexicyaaawnis this a thread or a weight watchers session. but then you guys dont actually know anything about humour do you XDFwi d Con art below.

stop bitching amounst yourselves when others dont give 2 shits for you petty vandettabut hey, congrats, you went a whole day before you made another thread Suck my juicy private Set cock ;199484also, its a webcomming anon. im hopeing ya'll will come by my table at raicon and have a ready at my original manga im promoting ;)198256get a life karli jesus damn. but instead you prove that snakes dont change, they just blend in.

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blame the great brittish weather for deciding to thunder and lightning in the middle of fucking novemember, my internets been off and on all daydo you even know how IPs even work.

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