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You've talked about the need to 'stay informed and stay outraged' about the intolerant and discriminatory policies of the Trump administration.'We only ask you do the same with the Israeli government.' After announcing on Monday that she would be performing in Tel Aviv as well as St Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, one social media user wrote to Lorde: 'Very disappointed in you!

'One followed suit with: 'Ah yea let's leave people suffering to just exist out of this while we throw money at the oppressor who's the cause of their suffer.'However, many offered their support for Lorde, with one sharing: 'This is music, this is art.

with tens of thousands of users and found that it decreased the number of matches that don’t lead to a conversation by 25 percent.

Join a society for something you've always wanted to do, but never got round to16.Have an epic karaoke night at your house using just You Tube, booze, and your natural star quality3.Hire a bike for a week and see how it works out for you9.Elena Cresci, Channel 4 producer, argued the interview was “jaw-dropping” and Broadly editor, Zing Tsjeng quipped: “If Kevin Myers digs this hole any deeper, it's gonna go to the centre of the Earth.” “I just read the Kevin Myers apology as saying 'I have a friend who is Jewish',” said another critic.Another added: “Providing a list of every Jewish person you've ever met has to be the epitome of I'm not anti-Semitic I have a Jewish friend”.

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