The lighter side of dating

We start the video with my face made up the way I do it every day, using products in my own makeup bag.

These included Jo Blasco cream foundation, Liz Earle blusher, Benefit mascara and Armani eye shadows and lipstick.

Ariane explains that these are good choices, but, a few new products and change in technique could make all the difference. So we begin with Ariane taking off the makeup on just one side of my face.

Then she makes the following 6 tweaks: I had not applied primer before we started taping, because I had used a cream foundation.

She explained that the concealer should be applied lower on the face so that the light from the concealer reflects back up and hides the dark circle.

This is where Ariane made some dramatic changes to my appearance.

Finally, she took a little Ariane Poole Concealer and added a tiny stripe on the outside of my eye to lift it.

Which technique or product was your favorite and why?

Ariane then used the Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up in Blonde to improve the shape of my brows.

For my eye shadow, she used exactly the same colour as I had used, but applied a cream to powder formula, Ariane Poole Eye Shine in Cosmic.

After just a few minutes, one half of my face was transformed!

The difference was remarkable, using just three simple principles. Next, consider the new products that create a more natural softer look.

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She also highlighted my shadow with Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Amethyst just below the brow line.

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