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Some of her books have been inspired by true events in her life such as her relationships with her ex-husbands.Another unique feature about Danielle Steel is her principle not write sequels.Steel grew up under the catholic faith and even wanted to be a nun someday. She first went to a French school which was a preparatory school in Manhattan.On most occassions she was alone at home as her father was away on business.Over 800 million copies of her books have been sold all across the world.Moreover, many of her books have been translated to more than twenty eight languages circulating in over forty seven countries across the globe.Her breakthrough came in 1977 when Passion’s Promise, her 2nd book was published.Thereafter, it was novel after novel, bestsellers that continued to increase her fan base.

She is quite the queen of awards and other literary honors.

Twenty two of her books have been made into television adaptations. In 2005, Danielle Steel also got into an agreement with New Line Home Entertainment that they purchase the film rights of thirty of her novels. The title of her first novel is Going Home, published by Pocket Books in 1973 earning her 00.

Unfortunately, the five subsequent books she wrote were rejected.

It is typical for every society to have certain unique traditions and outstanding people.

The one, timeless tradition that will continue being a culture among different societies is book reading.

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