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This would showcase Dan's acting talents, but fate had other plans. Filming of the fourteenth season was slated for June. Stunt Trivia: In a stock shot of Joe riding Paint #12 up a slope at Brown's Meadow, it's Hal Burton doing the chores for Michael, which was filmed over a month before when filming "Stallion" in late August into September, and later cut in with the local footage for the final print in October of 1972. The debate ends and they both say good night, although Tanner is having flashbacks in his mind to his being sentenced to life at the asylum.

NBC announced this story for "Bonanza's" fall premiere while Dan was in the hospital. David Mc Lean makes his third and final appearance on the series as the Sheriff of Sugsville, Nevada. Joe offers him dinner and as the two converse, they get into an argument about man killing for sport and animals killing only for food.

Jerry Wills...(uncredited; horseback double for David Canary). He escapes his cell by dislodging the bars in his cell window and is now on the run.

Not to mention much more time away from the series to spend with his family with lesser episodes being filmed per season. Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California. An elderly widow suffers a heart attack when a man posing as Candy robs her. Joe is up on the mountaintop and hears Tanner scream but isn't sure his trap worked or it's a deception by Tanner. Halfway through the story, she is brutally killed and Hoss seeks revenge against the men who murdered her and their unborn child. Schulte, as the prosecutor, and Sally Kemp makes her only appearance, as Kate Fallon. Joe assumes he's in the Army when his eyes spot the Army saddlebags on the horse Tanner has stolen. In it, Hoss abandons bachelorhood and gets married to a beautiful and shy woman named Alice Harper. Trivia: Byron Mabe makes his second and last appearance on the series, William Wintersole makes his only appearance as Mr. A figure approaches from beyond the campfire and it's Tanner. The operation was a success and after a few days, he was up and walking around. He brushes out his tracks and throws off his green jacket. Joe finds a chance to escape on some old man's horse, but Tanner shoots him down in cold blood and gives Joe a one-hour head start this time. He paid for the upcoming surgical procedure and was in good shape. It was considered to be risky because of Dan's large size, but he was still a young and strong man. Joe starts his escape along the creek, at one point where he dives in and swims across to the other side.

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He'd lost 40 pounds and his weight was at 260, and he was still in good shape. Joe tries to rationalize with Tanner, but the man is insane from being in the war and tormented from being in the asylum.

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