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I had students actively engaged in evaluating exponential expressions (not the most thrilling standard) for over forty-five minutes!Not only were they engaged, but they were working together, confidently explaining steps, and eager to understand each other’s methods. Here are my top 4 reasons why Math Speed Dating is the perfect cooperative learning activity. The students walk into your room with all of the desks lined up in a giant train and half of the kids wonder if they’re in the right classroom.Taking a World Language flipped class to the next level with great comprehensible input, more time in the target language with the opportunity for more student choice. For example, if you have 18 guys and 12 girls, you will need 3 guys to be on the girl side.

Each time students switch partners, they work on a new math problem, so accountability is high to learn the skill.So if my partner is having trouble with the problem, I’m the expert at that problem and can explain it.Students get practice explaining that same problem over and over, and each time their confidence grows a little higher.There you have it: the perfect cooperative learning activity.The first time you introduce Math Speed Dating to your students, I suggest you go at a slow pace to make sure students are taking their time to discuss the problems with one another and record their answers at the depth that you expect.

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Lower levels are very literal and need time to prep, but my upper levels get a shorter prep time and often use alter-egos instead of their true personality. I set up the room with long tables with girls on one side and boys on the other so they are facing each other.

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