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In such a divided world, Carnage attempts to bridge this generational gap, and teach young people how eating meat wasn’t their parents and grandparents' fault; like us, they simply knew no better.

Having been "made" in its own fictional future, Amstell’s narration provides a amusingly revisionist version of the past.

It's 2067, and the idea of eating animals is unfathomable to them. Dr Yasmin Vondenburgen (Linda Bassett) runs sessions for in which they are hugged and forgiven.

At one point, they take turns naming the various types of cheese they’ve eaten.

The feeling is that there's no need to be jealous of this funny man's ability, nor pity him as he protests about his sense of disconnection from others, intended as the primary focus of the show.

“I couldn't wait til I was 17 so I could drive away from the fun” the creator and star of 'Grandma's House' says of the early years of this malaise.

The lingering pleasure of Amstell's wordsmithery also helps paper the cracks of Numb's thematic structure.

Amstell's showmanship skill, assisted by his occasionally imploring hand gestures, is to draw the audience in to thinking that they are so much better off for watching him than being him.

But if this proves anything, it’s that the vegan cause needs more self aware people like him.

Carnage is an almost perfect example of how to push a worthwhile message without being preachy.

It's completely unsustainable and cruel to eat meat and dairy, and more people need to realise this.

But so far, many feel alienated by the vegan movement.

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Fifteen years and a showzbiz career later and Amstell maintains not much has changed.

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