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This rising temperature adds noise to the output image.

In low light photography this internal heat is a major obstacle to overcome.

Because CMOS temperature of the unmodified D810 is Ambient 7~ 10C, the passive cooling without EXcooler of the Astro D810 is having a -18C cooling effect over the unmodified camera.

Passive cooled D810 substantially assists in producing good quality night movies and time laps photography. The current consumption is only about 1.5 Amps and a 12v 12Ah lead sealed battery would allow about 8 hours of continuous use. Active Cooling : Two pieces of 40mm cooling fan are in EXcooler and these fans made possible [Ambient air temperature – 25C ] cooling temperature of CMOS. Detachable EXcooler: EXcooler of Astro D810 uses the fans of the Austrian “Noctua” company, renowned for their silent and high performance cooling fans.

Nikon’s D810A and D810 are equipped with Sony’s new full frame 36Mega pixel CMOS sensor and these cameras became another good solution for astro photography compared to canon DSLRs.

From the tests we have found that the power supply and signal transfer quality are same to original unmodified condition. The long time exposure shots without TEC cooling of modified D810 are more good compared to the shots of unmodified D810.

I think it may be caused by the image sensor that separated from noise source (electric parts of camera) and heatsink housing functioned as the shield cover preventing electric noises. the mechanical shutter is made redundant because the CMOS has been moved in front of the shutter.

This is very useful including for narrowband imaging.

Astro D810 that equipped Drop-in filter system of filter wheel is having 46.5mm flange back distance as unmodified D810. The filter wheels from other companies can simply be attached to Astro D810 camera.

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