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The building was located at the east side of Coltishall Road, about half a mile to the south-east of Buxton. Reepham had a workhouse which was also used by the parishes of Kerdiston, Hackford and Whitwell. Following a visit to Aylsham, the commission's report had relatively few complaints about conditions in the institution, apart from some fairly modest improvements that were required in the lying-in ward and children's nursery. A 1923 view shows an Artesian well being dug at the rear of the workhouse by the firm of FH Buckingham of Hethersett. In the spring of 1836, the Oulton Gilbert Union was dissolved. We have also included a short synopsis of each of the castles, including the history behind them and who they are now owned by.To get the most out of our interactive map, please select the ‘Satellite’ option below; which in our opinion, allows you to more fully appreciate the castle and its defences from above.Its workhouse at Oulton, three-and-a-half miles to the north-west of Aylsham, was leased from Lady Sheffield and was originally a farmhouse and stood about a mile to the south-east of Oulton church, was converted from an old farmhouse at a cost of £1,100.Erpingham joined the union in 1806, Coleby in 1811, and Itteringham and Banningham in 1832, when the workhouse was enlarged at a cost of around £300 to hold up to 80 paupers. In 1801, the Buxton Gilbert Union of three parishes was set up.

The situation most luxuriant; the buildings well-constructed; the rooms spacious and lofty, and well-ventilated, and remarkably clean; the diet very good, and the poor well attended to in every respect. According to White's Directory of 1836, Foulsham had a workhouse which was "built on the waste in 1782, will accommodate 45, but seldom has more than 20 inmates." In 1792, ten years after the passing of Gilbert's Act, the Oulton Gilbert Union of six parishes (Banningham, Blickling, Colby, Erpingham, Itteringham, and Oulton) was formed.

The workhouse appears to me capable of accommodating 360 paupers... That no persons be received into this workhouse for more than one night, excepting ablebodied single men, and ablebodied single women, but that ablebodied married paupers and their children passing from the most distant parishes in the Eynsford district for the union, to the Buxton workhouse, may, if so ordered by the Board of Guardians, be lodged for one night in the probationary wards of this House on their way to the Buxton Workhouse, but for one night in each case only, and never unless ordered by the Board of Guardians. That at Buxton has room for about 400 paupers, and that at Oulton for about 100.

This workhouse is however inconveniently situated at one extremity of this long Union, and is fourteen miles distant from some of the parishes... Only the aged and infirm are sent to the latter, where the average weekly cost of each inmate, for food and clothing, is 2s 11.; but at Buxton it is 2s. In 1848-9, a new workhouse for up to 600 inmates was built at Aylsham, situated to the west of the town.

Insid, the rooms have also been remodelled over the centuries, most notably by the famous Robert Adam in the 18th century.

Most famously in recent years, Alnwick Castle featured as ' Hogwarts' in the first two Harry Potter films.

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