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They also give room for those who find it difficult to believe.Yes, Thomas is a gift to the church, whether or not we recognize it.Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb, finds it empty, and tells Peter and John what she’d found.

These folks aren’t real comfortable with the idea that the Word of God would take on human flesh.

It is rooted in the Genesis story when God breathes life into Adam.

In each case of usage—whether in Genesis 2, in the story of Elijah and the boy whom he brings back to life, or Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones— when the breath of the Spirit is offered up it brings life to the body.

Jesus breathes upon and says to them: “Receive the Holy Spirit.” When Jesus’s breathes on them it’s not just a general blowing of air into the room.

Jack Levison suggests that this is a rather intimate act.

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