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In Issue 190 we chat to Todrick Hall about his show that’s heading to Perth.

There’s also interviews with actor Alan Cumming, Felipe Rose from The Village People, as well as Bonnie Tyler and Tina Arena.

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’ and ‘Tab Hunter Confidential’, we chatted to Julia Zemiro and rock band Jebediah.

We investigated dental dams and chatted to Garry Stewart from Australian Dance Theatre.

Issue 164: 2015 February The February edition features Perfume Genius, Beccy Cole, Panti Bliss, Calpernia Addams, Matthew Mitcham, Jessie Gordon, Harold Maxwell, Toby, Charlie Hides, Christeene, Issue 163: 2015 January Sandra Bernhard, drag star Bianco Del Rio, La Gateau Chocolat, Frisky and Mannish, Joel Creasey, dancer James Welsby, La Soiree, Tina Del Twist, the boys from Briefs, Gendermess, Mardi Gras, Queer Saints, actors Gavin Roach and Jeffrey Jay Fowler and a feature on marriage equality.

It is a defence to prove that the accused person did not know, and could not reasonably be expected to know, that the material describes, depicts or represents a person in a way likely to offend a reasonable person.

It is also a defence if the material was possessed or distributed for a recognised literary, artistic or scientific merit or that the material was of a genuine medical character, and also that the material is for the public good.

Plus we chat to Josh Zepps, check out scooters and remember George Michael.

Issue 169: 2015 July In the July edition we note the Prime Minister’s dismissal of the growing wave of support for marriage equality. We go behind the scenes as STYLEAID Gogo prepares, we visit their model casting, chat to labels One Fell Swoop and I Love Mr Mittens and catch up with DJ Hello Sailor who’ll be playing at the party.

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  1. Manzer said last year they worked with 14 sex trafficking victims. “What we're typically seeing are acquaintances, partners, prostituting out their intimate partner, most typically a male pimping out a female, though that's not always the case.