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Give church another chance - finding the right one could make all the difference.

A larger one will most likely have book clubs, social groups, singles activities.

Otherwise I recommend your mom meeting a group of people with a shared interest - maybe through Hi, i'm new to this site and fairly new to Matthews, NC.

I led a large singles group for over 10 years in Mobile, AL - I KNOW that scene! I joined a very expensive singles club here and there were lots of lovely women there, but only a few males and those men were the ones who were limited in their social skills and/or had severe grooming problems.

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Hi, i'm new to this site and fairly new to Matthews, NC.

I know others have used these terms in placing blame for their lack of success in dating.

I do have some complaints, which I will not air yet, about the quality of men I am finding. No bars (it is so sad to see old women hanging out in bars!

In Matthews there is an active Habitat for Humanity group - lots of men there Spend a few hours on a Saturday hammering some nails and you might be surprised how nice those working around you are.I would recommend you visit Forest Hills on Park Rd some Sunday - not your typical boring church service, that's for sure.David Chadwick is their minister and he is a riviting speaker. it is a strange perception shared by many of my older friends.I guess the adult senior males that have it together are swamped by available females and do not need to be out searching! I would also like to find a female who share some of my interests, but it seems taht so many women my age are not really active, so I amhaving difficulity there.I am a very outgoing person and reaerely meet a stranger, but i am frustrated by my inability to get a social life going here. Thank God I have family here and I have my career and many hobbies to keep me occupied and happy!

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