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If he gives you a straightforward answer, you will have to decide based on the answer he gives you. One of the rules for speed dating is that you have to find out the most you can about guys in a very short period of time.His answer to this question will tell you whether or not he can play along when there is something fun going on.In order to make sure that you will have a good time and to give yourself a shot at finding happiness, you should come up with a list of questions that you would like to ask guys.As a result you will feel prepared and you will think that there is nothing that could take you by surprise.It also shows that he has some creativity and he is resourceful.If not, it might be because he respects the privacy of people, he is compassionate or simply because he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty and prefers sitting on the couch watching TV.

So which are the best speed dating questions you should make sure to include on your list to ensure that you won’t just be wasting your time?

If his answer is anything else, you have to seriously consider whether or not you’ll give him a shot.

It is possible that at one point he will blow you off to watch Fox News.

Most probably you would like to know whether he’s a successful businessman or a janitor at the local high school.

Also it tells you a little something about his personality.

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You might think that this one of the boring speed dating questions.

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