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Richard smiles and tells Miles of his renewed desire to live. ♪ They pass through the debris of the sub, including the dead captain, and find Frank Lapidus, alive, hanging on to life preservers in the water.They haul him onto the outrigger and catch him up on the plan to blow up the plane.Locke confirms that this is his plan, but says he does not intend go down with the ship, instead Sawyer and the rest of "Jacob's little candidates" absolutely are.Sawyer counters that they are not candidates anymore.She tells Desmond he must move on after he eats because their rule is not to get involved with the Island's dramas.♪ However, Vincent and Bernard return with Locke and Ben in tow. Locke draws his knife and threateningly tells Desmond to come with him and do his bidding or he will kill Rose and Bernard, even that he'll make it hurt.

On the Island, Jack and the Man in Black play out their last moves as the survivors make their final choices, and the true nature of the flash sideways is revealed.

Sawyer tells Locke he came to get Desmond out of the well, but when he looks down into the well he notes that they were both beaten to the punch.

When Locke asks, Sawyer guesses that Locke wants Desmond so that he can destroy the Island.

Kate observes Jack as he wades in the creek, taking in what has just happened.

She leaves him alone, but then Sawyer joins him and asks if he's okay and asks what's going on.

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