Oregon laws minors dating adults

And yes, there are things he could legally be charged with even if you don't have sex under the right (or wrong) circumstances. He would be encouraging the minor to disobey her parents.

The parents can get a restraining order against him as well.

These offenses are punishable by fines, and up to five years and ten years in prison, respectively.

It is a defense to these charges and a handful of other statutory rape offenses if at the time of the alleged act, the defendant was less than 3 years older than the victim.

Your attorney may be able to keep you out of jail, avoid mandatory registration as a sex offender or ensure you will qualify for future expungement of an offense that winds up on your criminal record.

We'd like to date, and eventually be in a relationship, however my parents are completely against it.

If these parents wanted to control their child, then they should not have sent her off to college at age 15.

Are they expecting college people aged 18-22 to behave according to the maturity level of a 15-year-old? First, we don't know that they "sent her off" to college.

For someone who is younger, these repercussions can be particularly harmful as they try to launch a career, get into an institution of higher education or apply for a professional license.

Everyone makes some youthful mistakes, but only a select few wind up accused of a sex crime as a result.

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