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In contrast to the current legislation (Verpack V), secondary packaging (Umverpackung) must also be treated as sales packaging (according to § 3 par. If a breach of the obligations occurs, it will be considered as an administrative offence and may be punished with a fine of up to 200,000 euros (§ 34 par. The packaging schemes are required to provide incentives to promote the use of highly recyclable materials and the material recyclability of packaging.The schemes must also provide an annual report to the Zentrale Stelle and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) on the implementation of the guidelines.These so-called modulated fees are intended to encourage manufacturers to use packaging materials that consist (partially) of recycled materials or a high percentage of materials that can be recycled.The criteria for this will be defined by the The targets for the recycling of packaging will increase starting 1 January, 2019 and then again from 1 January, 2022.Thus, those parties are responsible for ensuring the collection and recycling of all related packaging materials. The Verpack V requires participation in one or more packaging scheme(s) when it comes to sales packaging, which typically end up with the private end user (household and comparable collection points) and are collected and recycled via yellow bags, yellow bins, glass bins, or waste paper recycling bins.

We support you in all matters relating to the Verpack G and the currently still effective Verpack V.

To go from local milk co-op to global industry giant is a bold idea.

Fonterra redefined New Zealand's milk industry and became one of the most efficient dairy plants in the world, optimizing EFFICIENCY with Schneider Eco Struxure™ Plant.

A new single national authority (Zentrale Stelle) will be established to increase the transparency of the overall system.

More importantly, it will support the enforcement authorities to combat the so called “free-riding”.

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