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It will be the rubber non- Uon to three straight wins in the MTt ORAt KOCVIT t ACm Naeaf's eb Mi , Although neither his been do Double Six circuit, jack Stewart au 'pimi fw ing well of late, they still pos notched the only honor count In nas hit on as percent oi m iieia goal attempts for the seaso AK. has a 3-3 mark lor the season two leagues over a slowed holt day weekend schedule. the league with Weinke Advertising, blanked by Benson's Opticians. l and meets iowa with losses to Lafayette, Iowa mother, The pound is ounce Near Davis Cup Victory at Madison Jan. (AP) - Haabestad is Princeton's captain shakily against Iloak, who has baby Madge Rhea.

Center" John Parker lame sec lerence ipr Wisconsin, wnicn t MMf . ond high scorer for the Bad Kers Bucceronl, of Philadelphia, has And it alsoxw UL be the a with ft points, and better than a 464 alata with 30 knockouts.1 i Stewart rolled 222 and 211 sin-1 rubber gam 'for, the Badg. James Wynne of Oshkosh, Wis., land top scoring threat. additive that keens vour tank free) frorti rust,'. i I M 1 St I SI Lew kuftl I ll contumtrt Hrnton M 1 D' THiifr which lasted more than an hour, Tony fought off one set point in Regatta marathon race Sunday. Wynne's boat was the only one which overturned, although wa Ves up to seven feet high had ao,a cm.

I I ITtl UMT i III S i Vrtao e til foot runabout with 200 horse (Ea DMeim Hi chrndt fiea 1 Tomur Eau Claire team leu on its bus saying ne waa iea up" witn ten Kur MMi uuanoit ai Mi'r it at co ipi. "Both or them followed our Born in Ambulance battle plans almost to the letter and they showed great fighting qualities.' A CROWD of 25,578, largest crowd. Ift the first ttm this nctionony-known Ctk au 20 en FJannel $i?

FAST, DEPENDABLE SOVICS Thorp All-Stars here Sunday aft or Trabert ot Cincinnati, who had taken 4-1 and 4-2 leads in the set only to have Hoad rally Beach. Bbbca 1 To UU uptrwu BDt BMW anna la and most oi them were cosuy.

Fhona G927 T7 ; 5 -f " z, & ' r m N 4 is' i.

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The event was limited to boats no longer than 28 feet. Ml Rosewall eight of the nine times break attack, moved to a 20-12 history of this storied interna talt OUn Rifb Tom St Hti i SUowattg Cm Imb ........ II U 11 t O-41 they had met and the last six Thorp AU-8Uri tlona J tennis competition dating edge In the first quarter and bu Ut the margin up to 4541 at -7. Pohr Miih f Ow MH-Skjctelr OOt 111 OUicim U times in a row, maae gooa ms back to 1900 has a team lost the boast he would end the Indian halftime. The Americans, who have established themselves ai the best in Ron Buciui armea 21 points to sible, the first with shot to the rftio forehand. game but Seixas pulled out with a strong volley to the back Une and then a forcing shot at Rose-wall's feet which was flubbed In k Lzs.

w4t m, at stn ONLY ONE other time in the miles an hour to win lirsrpiaee. It THE TWO TEAMS matched He followed captain Taibert's In tomorrow's doubles, with baskets in the third quartet and instructions to serve to Rose- the United States leading 2-0, Thorp, paced by Ray Czech, wall's forehand and move to the America will send out Trabert whittled down the lead to eight net swiftly: also to attack Rose- points In the final period. u pos and Seixas again against A us-tralia'a Hoad and Rosewall. Mid between Rosewall and Hoard or T on Otiis ffaribbd ins a 40-15 lead in tb ninth Rex Hartwig and Marvyn Rose, 4 , who nave a brilliant doublet rec ord.

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