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But yeah you get people who are weird collectors, have weird hobbies or sexual fetishism that are very bizarre. If it isn't hurting themselves or others, I say what is the harm. I wouldn't do any of these things personally, but I am not going to condemn them.

My grandma had pica and she knew it was detrimental to her health and found ways to combat it. I would like to tell that adult baby its better staying a adult baby than trying to get help from a mental health agency who makes you feel dirty, and disgusting, the way mental health did to me ( i shower and put on clean clothes daily)mental health gave me extreme sucidal thoughts that i wasnt worth living because i am a adult baby.

Our community is moderated by our moderation team so you won't see spam or offensive messages posted on our forums. I never know what to think when I see what some people are addicted to. I don't get the whole adult baby thing, there was an episode of CSI (clearly fictional, but based on fetish) where the guy was a big baby...literally. Yes, the psychologists and psychiatrists are there for help, but like with any addiction, unless they really want to stop doing what they are doing there is no helping them. Yes of course, but these people realize that they have mental issue? I had to change the channel, because the pg hormones were making me gag, it was so gross!The “nursery” came about when a male friend admired how Stephanie had put her husband’s nappy on for him and asked her to do his.She did as he asked and he suggested it was something she could go into as a business.FROM the street, Stephanie and Roy’s house is much the same as any other on their Hampshire housing estate.But if you venture inside and up to the nursery, things start looking a little odd.

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As a boy, Roy wet the bed and this developed into him finding wearing nappies comforting and relaxing.

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