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Many Christians were necrobutchered by black metal maniacs during this time.

Most also just ended up dead, opening their veins before putting a shotgun barrel in their mouth.

(Anonymous was already taken.) He recruited pyro-demon Kristian 'Varg' Vikernes, Count of Grishnack and Wanderer of the Evil Shores, to play bass.

The Hellhammer itself played the drums, and a local warlord named Attila took over vocals.

Raised by wolves as children, they first discovered Black Metal deep in a cave while hunting fresh meat.

In the deepest, darkest part of the cave, they stumbled upon an ancient artifact that had once been wielded by Thomas Gabriel: the legendary Hellhammer.

Black Metal took the form of smokeless eternal black fire, split into two flames and went to live in Norway and Sweden where it resides to this day.

It has been used by musicians like Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper, though never in its true form.

" Mayhem's notoriety grew from this point, but as they would find out, success is a double-edged bloodsword.

It is more evil than its cousins, Red Metal, Green Metal and Lavender Metal, and is far superior to Death Metal. And so Pure Black Metal was spread across the land, raping and pillaging and drinking goat's blood. Quorthon finally died in a mosh pit with sword in hand like a true warrior, then crossed into Valhalla.

Buried by time and dust for centuries, black metal was found on the plains of Gorgoroth under the Mountain ov Doom in 1349 AD by a young Viking warrior named Quorthon. Possessed by black fucking metal, he gathered his people for war and roasted goat tenderloin. The passing of Quorthon at the Blood on Ice Festival, combined with the tragic drowning death of Thomas Gabriel in Cold Lake, and the inevitable Christianization of the North, marked the end of the First Wave.

One day he took a shotgun and blew his own brains out, shocking absolutely nobody.

However, the fact that the rest of the band took pictures and made necklaces out of pieces of his skull did.

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