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How is it that so many females in pop and rock these days seem to go on stage basically in their bra and pants.. " Im a king bee Buzzin around your hive I can make lots of honey, Let me come inside....

Mateos and Mendiola were retitled Baccara, after the name of the black rose, in reference to the women's dark Spanish appearance.In 1976 the two women formed a singing and dancing duo (using the title Venus) and left the Ballet Company.Initially the duo's act was simply that of variety show dancers.Their first television appearance was on the Palmarés light entertainment programme[1] and they were engaged at a nightclub in the Aragon city of Zaragoza, but their contract was cancelled when the club manager decided that they were "too elegant" for the style of show.[2] Mateos and Mendiola relocated to the Canary Islands in search of work.Here they found that there was an audience for the performance of traditional Spanish music and dance in a form that was adapted to suit international tastes.

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