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How the cause of Christ would be shamed by such a result! The Driscolls recommend purchasing them “from one of the more discreet Web sites” (p.

’‘I can think of a whole range of other pastoral problems that might be provoked by chapter 10.A sermon on the Song, preached in Scotland, was so crude and vulgar that it caused outrage.In this infamous sermon Driscoll said to the congregation: ‘Ladies, let me assure you of this: if you think you’re being dirty, he’s pretty happy.’ Throughout his ministry Mark Driscoll has spoken about sex in the most lewd and irreverent way.To even suggest that his pornographic vision is from God is to impugn the holy character of God.Now Driscoll and wife Grace have produced a book on marriage, entitled . In the book Mark Driscoll tells of a revelation that he received about his wife having sex, and he feels it right and proper to put these facts about his wife into the public arena.

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All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything’ as the basis for their evaluation.

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