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That's right, the money girls are easier if you have a girlfriend, this is because they want what your girlfriend has or is perceived to have.

Even if you don't have a girlfriend and the girl starts talking about wanting a laptop, easy, tell them that you just recently bought your girlfriend the latest Mac laptop.

Typically the money girls are willing to do what you want as long as you pay them to do it, it's not usually money they are after as they take that as an insult as if they are hookers, typically they just want to be taken care of be given "gifts" which in turn costs you money.

These girls can be easily led on but what you need to have is a girlfriend.

The money girls are easy to spot, you talk to them on the phone or in person and you'll hear lines like "I want a notebook", "I want an apartment" then there are the curious girls they say things like "I don't dare do that" and "I'm scared to do that".

I prefer the curious girls because they arn't interested in money but you can play the game with the money girls too but it takes more manipulation and sadly you might have to lead them on a bit.

Your just wasting your money, Thai guys don't do that either, they take the girls to eat cheap noodles a quick beer at the bar and then straight down to business.

If a Thai girl is meeting you for a date or anything like that and she's not a money girl 100% she has either thought about doing it with a farang before and probably wants to try.First of all the game I play is for the younger girls 16-22 I don't know much about girls older than this because that's not my thing so I can't give suggestions on that but the girls in this age bracket I know a lot about.There are two types of girls in this range there are the Money Girls and there are the Curious girls.Now the girlfriend trick works and it works better than you think because now you have a girlfriend this money girl won't turn into a stalker girl because Thai girls are afraid of other Thai girls and she won't come anywhere near your place if she knows you have a girlfriend there, perfect!Now the next Thai girl to play the game with is the Curious Girl.

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