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Now we would like to introduce other ways the user may provide input to the Bash script.Following this we'll have a discussion on when and where is best to use each method.If there are more items than variable names then the remaining items will all be added to the last variable name.

"UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1: Sockets Networking API" Third Edition by W. Richard Stevens ISBN # 013490012X, Prentice Hall PTR This book covers network APIs, sockets XTI, multicast, UDP, TCP, ICMP, raw sockets, SNMP, MBONE. "UNIX Network Programming Volume 2: Interprocess Communications" by W.

Pro Police is an enhancement to GCC, and is distributed under GPL.

The paper that started it all: Stack Guard Distributed source code management.

"Advanced Linux Programming" by Mark Mitchell, Jeffrey Oldham, Alex Samuel, Jeffery Oldham ISBN # 0735710430, New Riders Good book for programmers who already know how to program and just need to know the Linux specifics.

Covers a variety of Linux tools, libraries, API's and techniques.

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Read will then take your input and split it on whitespace.

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