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Although Illinois and Indiana are generally considered Midwestern, southern portions of those states are strongly influenced by Southern culture, with extreme southern Illinois especially so.On the other hand, parts of the South (as defined here) are more culturally influenced by other regions. While West Virginia is generally considered Southern, the northern half of the state is more influenced by the industrial Midwest, while its Eastern Panhandle is increasingly becoming a bedroom community for D. The South is much more a cultural region than a geographical one; states west of Texas are not considered part of "The South", no matter how far south they are.Upset with a growing sentiment against slavery and desirous of greater state autonomy, eleven slave-holding states seceded after the election of President Abraham Lincoln, forming the Confederate States of America.Three border states even fought civil wars of their own; they each had two organizations, one Unionist and one Confederate, both claiming to be the state government.Most of the others were farmers who were poor and owned no slaves, but a few owned large amounts of land and many slaves.Most Indigenous Americans of the South were expelled during the early 19th century; see Trail of Tears.

After 1876, Southern blacks were nominally "free", but in fact were treated as second-class citizens. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, which ruled that facilities reserved for "colored" people were inherently unequal.Wikivoyage sorts some traditionally Southern states into different regions.While Texas and Florida are parts of the South, they are distinct regions in their own right.The civil war still stands out as the last war fought in the mainland U. and the war with the most American casualties ever.Texas and Florida also seceded from the union but are considered distinct regions today.

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Monuments to Confederate soldiers and generals are still common throughout the South, despite the opposition of the likes of Confederate general Robert E Lee to those monuments at the time.

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