Invalidating a session

So our first set of Session Management vulnerabilities relates to keeping the session identifier secret: For insights into how to detect Session Management vulnerabilities, please see the article entitled “How To Test For Session Management Vulnerabilities“.For insight into how to avoid or fix Session Management vulnerabilities, please see the article entitled “How To Prevent Session Management Vulnerabilities“. Affinity IT Security is available to help you with your security testing and train your developers and testers.If anyone uses Laravel 5 please let me know if this applies there as well.In order to implement this we need to backtrack to where Laravel actually loads session classes.For security reasons it’s fairly good practice to invalidate all log-in sessions when a users password is changed.This is especially useful when a users account has been compromised and they go to change or reset their password.However, unfortunately the Laravel session store does not expose this method but instead implements a migrate() method.This method does not take a session ID, but instead offers to destroy the current session.

This entry is not always clearly understood as it actually refers to two large categories of web-application vulnerabilities.You don't want to invalidate the user's authentication/authorization data, you jsut want to log the user out.----- Original Message ----- From: "Mike K" -- Les Hazlewood CTO, Katasoft | 888.391.5282 twitter: @lhazlewood | blog: blog: Les, Is there a way to get a subject for a different user - what I am doing is invalidating a session of a user that is not the current user.In fact, we train developers and IT staff how to hack applications and networks.Perhaps it was a network scan or website vulnerability test that brought you here.

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