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I bought the small first but it ended up being much too narrow in the shoulders, at 5'10'' and 145lb. I'm also a broke college kid, so I can totally sympathize. I switched for the medium but still felt really restricted in the shoulders and arms so I ended up returning. It never hurts to try, as you can always return for free if you have a sears nearby. If you're looking for other cheap jackets, I can second the target recommendation (in tan too! And you can probably snag some JCrew jackets for similar prices at the end of the season coupled with a store-wide discount (I bought 2 corduroy jackets last fall for under 0). You should be able to find a decent blazer that fits. You should also be able to find shirts and maybe even some shoes.

Assuming you live in a decently populated area, I would take a day you have off and just hit up every thrift in the city. When your meeting needs to go off without a hitch, get an assist.Plan, prepare, and learn best practices from an expert.If you miss on a few items, it's only a few dollars lost (and most stores have a decent return policy, but I would check before purchase). You may also want to check out the Ramen Noodles budget series at Put This On. I have tried on the Target blazer, the medium fit well everywhere except the shoulders (which were too big).

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