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Through this particularly timely study, Jaffary shows how Mexicans’ historical relationship with these contentious topics evolved.

Discrediting the notion that past Mexicans were entirely intolerant of women’s “moral failings,” she demonstrates no hardening of such positions.

Scanlan makes connections between the logic of capitalism and its intersection with colonialism and slavery.

He demonstrates how British West Africa was enmeshed with economic systems at a global level and by taking the focus away from Europe, he challenges the prevailing narratives of abolitionism and colonialism.

His argues convincingly that without slavery, without colonial “outposts,” capitalism and freedom might have evolved differently.

This compelling book makes a huge contribution to our understanding of the processes which led to abolition but has wider implications for the historiography and the paradigms that inform it. explores all aspects of women’s reproductive lives from virginity through contraception and conception, pregnancy, birth and obstetrics in Mexico from 1750 to 1905.

Written with subtlety and grace it offers profound insight into what it means to think about and write about history.

It is a book that speaks to every practitioner of our discipline.

He provides a view of the way that histories of British slavery and emancipation looked like from the vantage point of West Africa.Shortlisted Books Finis Dunaway, , Yanni Kotsonis examines the transformation of state fiscal power in Russia and the Soviet Union between 18.This book is about much more than taxation, however -- it is a study of the fundamental relations between the state and the individual, between economic production and political authority, between the self and the collectives of village, city, region, and empire/republic.Alexia Yates’ study simultaneously addresses and is informed by the scholarship in both French and English on her subject, that is, by the scholarship of the society under examination as well as by that of her intended audience.Her work likewise contributes to broader historical conversations – currently of interest to specialists of different eras, societies and disciplinary orientations – about the social roles of real estate and the significance of opening it to commodification.

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