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Alison refuses to help Hayley break up Billy and Brooke, but later joins him for a romantic dinner.

Jo talks to Jane on Richard's behalf, and learns that Jane doesn't love him.

Jo is distressed when Jane reiterates the fact that she doesn't love Richard.

Jo gets very drunk at the engagement party, argues with Jane, and tells Richard the truth.

Jess is killed in the fall from the construction site, while Jake suffers only minor injuries. The jailed Matt is enraged when his parents seem to suspect that he is guilty of murder.

Amanda is angry when Jack makes the final payment on the apartment building repairs. Michael hires a waiter and aspiring actor named Mark Paul to impersonate Henry.

Peter saves Kimberly from drowning after the impact knocks her into the pool.

Kimberly is placed in the psychiatric ward, and is unable to recall the events of the past week.

Amanda reveals to Billy that Jack used to beat her. Amanda holds a "We Survived the Blast of `95" party in the courtyard.

She faked her own death because Jack had threatened her father when she tried to escape. Kimberly receives permission to drop by the party with Peter to apologize for her actions. Mark Paul hides in the laundry room and startles Kimberly.

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