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The person was a petite girl who looked about his age. " she screamed, her face becoming red from her anger, "And I do NOT appreciate that you keep trying to make me loose my job you Gryffindor!She had brown hair pulled up in a messy ponytail though a few locks fell and framed her oval face which was a little too long for her to be considered a beauty. " she growled and then turned away from him again as she began to pace and talk, more to herself than to Harry. I can understand the whole starvation thing, that wasn't your fault.But the strange and very unnerving thing about the room was that it had no doors.The young wizard felt like it was a room that Luna would like quite a lot. "Okay, we found out that Mundungus had stolen the real locket and pawned it in Knockturn." Harry muttered to himself as he began to pace, his expression growing sour as he thought of Mundungus.Harry's Death (who can have a human name) is mad at his arrival.Apparently, people dying before their time is a black mark on the various Deaths' records, and Harry is getting perilously close to getting this particular one fired.Eventually we became more commonly known as grim reapers or Death." She giggled, "Personally, I rather enjoy being known as an angel of death." When she realized that Harry wasn't laughing, she pouted for a moment and then returned to her story, "But there are always those humans who gum up the works, usually by dying before they're supposed to." She gave him a pointed look and continued in a hard voice, "When someone dies before they're supposed to then it looks really, really bad on the guardian's record." She glared at him now, "You, Harry, have given me six black marks on my file." Her glare melted as tears came to her eyes, "If I get anymore then I'll be fired! " she hissed, "You don't think that I did everything I possibly could?

The floor was covered in a soft, thick green carpet and there were two plump looking dark green chairs with red cushions.I was there when you parents died, when Cedric died, when Sirius died, and when Dumbledore died.I was there every single cursed time Harry James Potter!" Harry growled back as he stood and looked down at the girl, using his best menacing stare. " the girl growled and she pushed him back into his chair. But when it's you and you alone are the one to give me SIX FREAKING MARKS, I think I have a bit of right to be a little more than ticked off, don't you? After a sip she sighed and sat back before focusing back on Harry. Harry watched her carefully and began to wonder if this was really just a crazy dream or a hallucination."DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME WHAT I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO HARRY JAMES POTTER! "Go ahead, it's just cider, it's not going to kill you. "Now, when a human is born he or she is assigned what you would call a guardian angel.

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