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There’s no overt BDSM elements such as bondage or fetishwear.

Just no nonsense comfortably dressed women going about the business of spanking men. There’s no definitive site and what’s available is scattered around on different blog posts.

However, that series finished its publishing run several years ago and the publishers site doesn’t look particularly up to date.

There’s a book available of his art, although I’m afraid I haven’t seen a copy to comment on the contents personally.

The g.e-hentai site also has a large number of galleries featuring his work, and there are a few imagefap galleries (for example here, here and here).

There’s also a strong undercurrent of humiliation in her drawings, with the men naked and tearful while the women remain composed and clothed.

These pages gather together some of the best and most interesting femdom drawings and femdom artists that I’ve discovered.

My goal is not to create a definitive femdom art guide, but instead a kind of ‘jumping off’ point for further exploration.

He illustrated most gender combinations, but Femdom/Femsub appears to be his preferred pairing.

His work is typically more exaggerated than Stanton’s, with extreme figures and less realistic scenarios.

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