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I knew from my research that the only way to assure that I was going to be cured and not need another operation was to have them look at all four parathyroid glands and when I knew that this was done an incredible peace came over me. I go to sleep when I go to bed and I sleep soundly all night. Norman and Lopez, and everyone who is a part of your incredible team!A peace that I haven't had in years, knowing that the reason I felt bad, and was not enjoying life was behind me. I wake up rested, feel just great, and have plenty of energy. I was one of the 20% of patients with hyperparathyroidism to have high calcium but normal parathyroid hormone (PTH) level. This situation apparently confuses many doctors, including mine!There is nobody better and it is clear why so many people from all over the world come to see you. Knowing that I had to "get the tumor out of my neck that was killing me" (taken from the music video which is AMAZING! I'm a doctor and know that not all doctors are trustworthy or talented. However, the dozens of testimonials online (this page) seemed a little hard to believe.Could this many doctors really be traveling to Tampa from all over the US for parathyroid surgery?Everybody should be doing things this way: use computers, and data, and information to help make the diagnosis and stop getting scans, and tests, and office visits that accomplish nothing. When I got to the Parathyroid Center at Tampa General Hospital I was pleasantly surprised to find it as beautiful and clean as it was on Facebook. I met Dr Deva (the lady surgeon) and then met Jim (Dr Norman).Both of them participated in my 17 minute operation and when I woke up, I actually saw dolphins swimming and feeding in the ocean. It really was that simple and "pure" of an experience.I'd rather go there for my first operation instead of my second.

My body is the only Ferrari I will ever have, and the Norman Parathyroid Center is the Ferrari dealer of parathyroid glands! During the past several years, it gradually increased to 11.0. Norman and Lopez removed a parathyroid tumor and also a second gland that was not dormant as it should be in the presence of an adenoma. When patients go to Tampa, not everybody has family members who can come with us.

Physician (Surgeon) Folks, I asked Dr Norman to put this on his web site at the top so people read it.

I am a surgeon and I have performed parathyroid surgery. Norman on the internet, but my search did not stop there.

But every letter here will tell you that nobody can do what Dr Norman and his amazing partners can do. Now more then 4 months out of surgery my blood pressure is normal again, and my lipid profile is normal again. I went to several of these sites to "check out" Dr. I must tell you that the parathyroid surgery was soooooooo very easy. I had surgery on a Thursday, had dinner in a very nice restaurant that night, toured Tampa on Friday and was back in my office seeing patients of my own on Monday morning! He referred me to a local surgeon as well as noted (when I asked) that he knew of your practice and spoke highly of it. I visited the local surgeon and his approach was as you described might occur, wait until he could identify which gland was diseased and be prepared for a much more invasive operation.

I was his 18,285th parathyroid operation (editor's note--within a dozen or so). His (and his teams') operative skills are un-matched. I have checked more than once, and it is amazing the changes. Another interesting change is very noticeable is my need for food every 1 1/2 to 2 hours for hypoglycemia and mood issues... I'm terribly "hung up" about cosmetics and appearances; I was worried that I wouldn't be able to deal with having a scar. That made little sense to me, based on your explanation on your website, and just common sense.

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