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Pilot wonded, forcelanded, wreck set on fire 2 days later. To civil registry as N9411Z 11477 (MSN AF-34) remanufactured by Beech from C-45F 43-50001. To civil registry as N9546Z 10658 (MSN AF-588) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-37348. To civil registry as N9998Z 10663 (MSN AF-593) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-37414.

24429 (43rd BG, 63rd BS) lost in bad weather near Finschhafen, PNG Dec 3, 1942. Involved in takeoff accident at Bassingbourn, UK Feb 12, 1943. 24432 (91st BG, 401st BS, *Danellen*) shot down by Maj Priller of JG26 Dec 20, 1942, France and crashed next to Seine River between Tosny and Bernieres, Les Andes, Normandy. Sent to England Oct 1942, and to North Africa Nov 18, 1942. 24435 delivered to 92nd BG Jun 2, 1942, assigned to 97th BG, 240th BS Aug 19, 1942. 24436 w/o in a Lowry, CO AAF base accident 24437 (341st BS, "Thunderbird") salvaged Nov 9, 1944. MACR 6734 30187 disappeared enroute from Hickam Field, HI to Christmas Island May 3, 1943. 30189 collided with B-25D during ending of landing roll at Saidor during infamous Black Sunday mission to Hollanida. 30190 (38th BG) shot down at Rabaul, New Guinea Nov 2, 1943. 30306 (38th BG, 71st BS, *Pissonit*) lost Feb 15, 1944, SW Pacific in attack on Kavieng, New Britain. MACR 13282 30321 to NEIAF as N5-169 - missing 8-44 30326 (321st BG, 448th BS) shot down by AAA NW of Chieti, Italy Dec 2, 1943. 30337 (38th BG, 405th BS) collided with F-5A 42-67350 in poor visibility at Saidor Apr 16, 1944 during infamous Black Sunday mission to Hollanida. 30338 accidentally landed near Melilla, Spanish Morocco Apr 1944 whil enroute from Gibraltar to Tunis. MACR 15116 2968 delivered to West Pakm Beach Dec 1, 1942; assigned to 12th Air Force, 97th BG, 342nd BS at Tafaraoui on Feb 17, 1943, transferred to Biskra Dec 25, 1942; transferred to Chateau-du-Rhumel on Feb 8 1943; MIA on mission to Trapani Apr 13, 1943. Crew OK 2971 delivered to MAD Aug 20, 1942; transferred to New Castle Oct 10, 1942; assigned to the 8th Air Force at Wildflower Oct 30, 1942. Assigned to 301th BG, 32nd BS ("Slick Chick") Became weather ship in 1944. 3344 delivered Denver May 16, 1943, to Presque Isle Jun 11, 1943. Transferred to 97th BG Nov 14, 1943, to 301th BG, 353rd BS Apr 2, 1944. 3345 delivered Denver Mqy 20, 1943, to Dow Field Jun 26, 1943. (96th BG, 338th BS, "Paper Doll") shot down by Oblt Rudolf Patzak in Bf 109G-6 of JG 54/8 and ditched in North Sea 40 km W of Ijmudien, Netherlands Jul 28, 1943. delivered Denver May 17, 1943, to Dow Field May 22, 1943. Assigned to 385th BG, 550th BS Greater Ashfield Jun 1943 named "Charlene". 3348 delivered Denver May 24, 1943, to Dow Field Jun 26, 1943. 3374 first assigned to 373rd Sub Depot at Dyersburg, TN. To RFC Ontario Jun 14, 1945 5375 to RFC Searcy Field, Stillwater, OK Aug 12, 1945. 5377 condemned MIA Apr 26, 1943 5378 (306th BG, 367th BS) downed over St. 5379 to CL-26 Wright AAF Nov 30, 1946 5380 to RFC Altus Aug 28, 1945 5381 to CL-26b Amarillo AAF Aug 7, 1943 5382 (303rd BG, 360th BS, "The Witch's Tit") shot down by AAA at Oldenburg, Germany Jun 25, 1943. No MACR 5383 delivered Denver Nov 28, 1943, to Pocatello Dec 20, 1942, to Walla Walla Feb 22, 1943. MACR 2264 5405 to RFC Walnut Ridge Jan 4, 1946 5406 (91st BG, 323rd BS) lost May 13, 1943. 5408 to RFC Kingman Oct 31, 1945 5409 (301st BG, 419th BS, "Lydia Pinkham", to 2nd BG, 429th BS) shot down by Uffz Hans Langer in Bf 109G-6 of JG 51/4 15 km SW of Udine, Italy Dec 19, 1943. All 10 crew bailed, but tail gunner was shot by a German soldier and died, rest POW. 5721 to RFC Searcy Field, Stillwater, OK Sep 24, 1945. 42-6204 Lockheed/Vega B-17F-50-VE Fortress MSN 6401/6500. Boeing B-17F built by Lockheed-Vega Airplane Company as part of pooled production. To Indian government Apr 10, 1946 24358 (MSN 10220) delivered Sep 16, 1943. Damaged Oct 18, 1947 by falling debris from hangar at Bermuda during a hurricane. To civil registry as N4981E, N6568D 10718 (MSN AF-648) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-36990.Surveyed Apr 26, 1944 14370 returned to USA Qpr 1, 1944. Preserved in Gremersheim as BA 102 6820 to Luftwaffe as D 250, DD 250. Beleved to be the plane preserved at Nea Aghialos AB, Greece. 6837 to Greek AF 6840 to Greek AF 6846 noted Jun 25, 2004 at Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, MI, painted as 52-5422. To Greece 6857 to Greek AF 6858 to Greek AF 6866 to Greek AF 6883 to Greek AF 6884 veered off runway on takeoff and crashed into houses near Eielson AFB, Alaska Nov 29, 1955. 52-7007 Republic F-84F-55-RE Thunderstreak 6914 to Greek AF 6919 to Hellenic AF. To civil registry as N86473, then HK-1087G 10678 (MSN AF-608) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 41-27335.Surveyed apr 20, 1944 14371 condemned inventory Jul 8, 1944 14372 condemned Dec 1, 1943 14373 condemned Nov 15,4 returned to USA Jul 27, 1944. W/o Sep 6, 1962 6823 seen in scrapyard at Socorro, NM 6824 to Luftwaffe as D 231, DD 231, DD 362. 6833 crashed 13 miles west of Wickenburg, Arizona on May 16, 1961, just east of Echeverria Field, killing Luftwaffe pilot. Stored at Hellenic AF Museum, Dekelia AB, Athen, Greece. To civil registry as N4935E Derelict at Oakland, California by 1979. To SAAF Museum, Capetown-Ysterplaat Dec 1976 to 1983. To SAAF Museum, Swartkop AB in 1999 10680 (MSN AF-610) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-37343.Found unsatisfactory for mapping missions over enemy territory and later used as courier aircraft. Transferred to 2nd BG, 429th BS Nov 14, 1943 and renamed "Yankee Do It". 24439 (91st BG) crashed during attempted forced landing at Fletching Dec 20, 1942. 41-30352 North American B-25D-10 Mitchell MSN 87-8338/8517 30178 (42nd BG) lost Jan 18, 1944. MACR 1690 30181 modified as F-10 30182 (38th BG) lost Jul 1, 1944. MACR 1218 30195 modified as F-10 - delivered to RCAF as 893. MACR 3793 30212 (3rd BG) shot down at Rabaul, New Guinea Nov 2, 1943. MACR 4698 30222 (MSN 87-8387) with 345th BG, 498th BS force-landed in Tanami Desert, Australia Jan 25, 1945. MACR 3143 30255 (38th BG, 405th BS) shot down by Japanese fighter and crashed into Bismarck Sea 15 mi off Wewak, New Guinea Sep 2, 1943. MACR 4496 30274 (3rd BGF, 8th BS, "The Hot Horse") damaged by AAA and crashlanded at Dobodura Nov 2, 1943. (38th BG, 71st BS) shot down by AAA at Alexishafen, New Guinea Dec 20, 1943. MACR 3502 30311 (3rd BG, 8th BS, "Fifi") shot down by AA while strafing a Japanese heavy cruiser at Simpson Harbor, Rabaul, New Gunea Nov 2, 1943, SW Pacific. Impressed by Spanish AF and used as staff transport. (301st BG) lost on mission to Budapest Jun 27, 1944. Assigned to 94th BG, 333rd BS Rougham Jun 25, 1943. Battle damage Schweinfurt Oct 14, 1943 with 96th BG crew. Assigned 96th BG, 337th BS Snetterton Jul 12, 1943. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 3351 (92nd BG) crashlanded at Winkfield, UK Oct 14, 1943. 3353 (96th BG, 337th BS, *Tar Fly*) shot down over Paris Sep 9, 1943. Placed in class 26 Sep 8, 1944 for non-flying roles. 3380 (301st BG, 32nd BS) shot down by Bf 109G-6 of JG 51/II near Wiener Neustadt, Austria Nov 2, 1943. 3 KIA, (306th BG, 369th BS) crash landed at Thurleigh, England May 9, 1944 3383 (97th BG) lost Jun 11, 1944. 3388 (385th BG, 550th BS, 'Sleepytime Gal') lost Apr 24, 1944, Germany. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 5376 collided in midair with RAF Beaufighter V8715 Aug 31, 1943 near Norwich. 5407 (396th BG, then to 91st BG, then to 379th BG, 526th BS, "Fighting Pappy") damaged by Hptm Erich Woitke in Fw 190A-6 of JG 11/2 and crashlanded at Schonberger Strand, Germany Oct 9, 1943. 5410 to RFC Altus Sep 6, 1945 5411 (2nd BG) lost Jan 24, 1944. 5718 reclamation completed Panama, CZ Jul 27, 1948 5719 in training accident Hobbs Field, NM Mar 11, 1943. 5720 (384th BG, 544th BS) ran out of fuel and crashed at Airion, France Sep 6, 1943 on mission to Stuttgart, Germany. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 5722 surveyed Hobbs AAF Jan 6, 1944 5723 condemned salvage battle damage Mar 19, 1943 5724 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "Thunderbird") shot down by two FW-190A-5 of JG 2/8. 6107 converted to TB-17F, to Department of Public Institutions, Clarkson, WA in 1946 for use as instructional airframe. To civil registry as N9448Z 10719 (MSN AF-649) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-37263. Retired by 1969/1971 10724 (MSN AF-654) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 43-10355. To 90_CJP, then 9Q-CJP 10727 (MSN AF-657) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-36957. 10728 (MSN AF-658) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 43-10429.Shot down by fighters Mar 18, 1944 during raid on Villaorba (Udine) airfield. MACR 7344 30183 (38th BG, 405th BS, "Lucky Star") damaged by Japanese fighters and ditched Oct 16, 1943 near Madang, Dutch East Indies. Recovered Jun 1974 by Aviation Historical Society and displayed at East Point Museum, Darwin, NT. Rebuilt and transferred to 345th BG 30279 converted to D-1 strafer with 3rd BG, 90th BS, then to 345th BG, 500th BS, "Here's Howe". (96th BG, 337th BS, "Dottie J III") shot down on mission to Schweinfurt by Lt. 3352 (94th BG, 410th BS, "Virgin's Delight") shot down by fighter and crashed into North Sea off Germany Nov 29, 1943. Aircraft first struck by flak, dropped out of formation, set upon by Fw 190s, shot down by Oblt Georg Schroder in Bf 109G-6 of JG2/11 then bellied in on an open field 10 km S of Beaumont-le-Roger, France. 3354 (2nd BG, "Big Stoop", then to 301st BG, 353rd BS, "Big Stoop") returned to USA. MACR 2032 3363 (306th BG, 367th BS, "Punchy") shot down at Vorwalde, Germany Dec 22, 1943. Transferred to MGM Studios after the war for making of movie *Footprints in the Sky*, which was never made. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 3378 (388th BG, 563rd BS, "Silver Dollar") shot down by fighter Sep 6, 1943, Germany. MACR 6425 3384 (2nd BG, 20th BS, then to 301st BG, 353rd BS) returned to USA. 3387 (305th BG, 364th BS) shot down by Oblt Hugo Frey in Bf 109G of JG 11/7 near Hude, E of Oldenburg, Germany Nov 26, 1943. MACR 4452 3390 SOC at Searcy Field, Stillwater, OK. 42-3422 Douglas-Long Beach B-17F-55-DL Fortress MSN 8330/8358 3397 (385th BG, 551st BS, 'Fighting Cock') shot down by Fw. MACR 1988 5412 reclamation completed Lowry AAF Apr 30, 1946 5413 (99th BG, 416th MS, "Ramblin' Raider") lost Aug 25, 1943, Italy. Went to KG.200 5715 condemned Aug 27, 1944 5716 to RFC Walnut Ridge Dec 19, 1945 5717 (306th BG, 423rd BS) shot down by fighter over Ploermal Feb 16, 1943. over Bay of Biscay 60 km SW of Ile de Sein, France Jun 28, 1943. Became derelict, sold on civil market Columbia Airmotive of Troutdale, OR as N1340N Nov 18, 1953. DBR when overshot landing at Aberdeen Airstrip, Burma Apr 1, 1944. To civil registry as N9932Z 10720 (MSN AF-650) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 41-9549. Struck off registry Jun 23, 1994 10721 (MSN AF-651) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-37222. 10723 (MSN AF-653) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-37312. To civil registry as N3334G, converted to IAD 10-2. 10726 (MSN AF-656) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-37247. To civil registry as N8174H, converted to IAD 10-2. To civil registry as N86476, HK-1148P, HK1148G, HK-1148. 10729 (MSN AF-659) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 41-27537. 10732 (MSN AF-662) remanufactured by Beech from AT-11 42-37708. Noted recently in Reynolds Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada.

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