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I like most variations of man on top, with my legs in the air, or on his shoulders.Being on top with him laying on a couch works verrry well for me.She thought I would give her a picture of some fat guy to see if she would still be interested in a big guy...That I should have really pushed the idea that I was the size that I was (she was a bit demented).I was told afterwards from a witness that when I introduced myself to Kim, she pulled back and kicked me in the family jewels and I hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Thankfully for my sake there was two couples enjoying a picnic in the park that saw the whole thing (here's where the witness accounts come into play).One woman came to my side, her husband/man went to find a cop at the cop-shop and the other couple went to intercept Kim.The cop asked her why a kick to the nuts and not a slap in the face etc...Her response was and I quote: "Fat people shouldn't be aloud to reproduce so she was doing society a favour, besides fat people have too much fat and don't feel it." (that 2 reasons I will never forget).

Sometimes big guys need a little bit more reassurance that they're attractive, and they freeze up when I try to take their shirt off. I'm sure there are some positions that require more flexibility or stamina, but for the most part there isn't a problem.I have come to realize that I can keep up a interesting conversation and I'm good with words and for the most part I just want friends and someone to talk to as I'm used to rejection. I always thought that if someone pushed back they were worth keeping.See I've realized that once a picture is shown, the conversation dries up. We arrange to meet up on the mountain (I live in a city that has a mountain in the middle of it and it's comprised of a man made lake and a HUGE park with and where the mounted police detachment is located) I'm in the park and we walk up to each other, she asks if I am and I said "yes", that's all I really remember.:) To address your first question, overall, fat men generally do have the appearance of having a shorter penis, because there's a bit of a "fat pad" above it.However, it does tend to compress when thrusting, so they don't feel any shorter, if that makes sense. Big men are very much aware of their size and have always avoided putting all of their bodyweight on me.

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