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Everyone you email will read your profile, and if they don’t like what they see, they won’t write back. Before you start – ensure your profile is looking its best before you send anything.Too long, and they're usually truncated by the email client, but too short or missing and they don't provide the reader with any means of knowing what the message is about or any way to quickly sift through for the message again in the future.Experts say that the composition of the subject line is the major determinant of whether the email gets opened.Beyond avoiding vagueness and subjects that are unrelated to the message content, below are some best practices to consider when writing email subjects.

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When people feel they have a unique contribution to make, they become compelled to respond.

Try to make it a combination of their looks and personality.

An American study has shown that people are more likely to open an email when they have some curiosity about its contents, or believe they’ll find it useful. So, don’t include any conversation-stoppers like, “Reply if my profile doesn’t put you off! Instead, end with a question that’ll be easy but fun for them to answer.

Remember you’ll end up in someone’s in-box with only a subject line to sell you, so aim to pique their interest. “What’s your favourite obscure album track by [band you both like]? ” “What do you feel your chances are of beating me at tennis? Why should we bother writing a personal reply to a generic message? Men are often tempted to mail-shot because it seems efficient – you can contact 50 women with a generic email in the same time you’d spend writing personalised messages to just five.

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