Dhcp not updating dns windows 2016

Sorry I left this out but the account used is in the Dns Update Proxy group.

There were ideas about DHCP performing DNS registration on behalf of the client, etc. I recommended that the person domain join their systems with SSSD and they would have their dynamic DNS solution. Linux secure dynamic DNS updates using SSSD are based on the understanding that the clients are securely authenticating as themselves (not a user).

'usmdua8006' is the single label name for the system. A hostname can be a single label name of a node on a network or it can be a fully qualified name (example: 'usmdua8006.contoso.corp') If you look in the screenshot above, you will see that the LINUX hostname is a single label name.

Viewing this from the DNS server displays the same issue.

You have added DHCP servers in DNSUpdate Proxy group but you have not added account used for dynamic update in dns proxy group which is required Also you need to ensure that this account is configured on all DHCP servers and correct password is entered, as DHCP can't verify that and eventually problem starts like registration update refused because of wrong credentials and event viewer did not highlight this fact Then restart DHCP service on all servers Then run ipconfig/release & ipconfig/renew to test / check if clients could renew IP address and update A and PTR records in DNS server.

Also ensure that you will setup DNS scavenging so that stale PTR / Host (A) records will automatically go away during scavenging cycle Thanks for replies.

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