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The system of higher education in Ukraine has a flexible structure, corresponds to modern trends and tendencies to those in advanced countries recognized by UNESCO, UN Organization and many other international organizations.In order to stimulate the application of general European educational standards, cooperation has gained depth with the Council of Europe, UNESCO, and other international organizations that work under the TEMPUS program.According to our database, there are 2 universities in Ukraine that accept the IELTS test.The average IELTS score requirement for organisations accepting IELTS in Ukraine is 5.5.The information and documents required for filing a trade mark application in Ukraine are as follows: ■ an image of the claimed mark; ■ the list of goods and/or services for which legal protection is applied, grouped according to the International Classification; ■ the full name and address of the applicant (applicants), and State code according to the WIPO standard; ■ an indication of the trade mark colour (if applicable); ■ the date, country and number of the priority application or date of exhibition (if priority under the Paris Convention is claimed); ■ a certified copy of the priority application or document confirming the presentation of exhibits incorporating the applied trade mark at an official or officially recognised international exhibition (if priority under the Paris Convention is claimed); and ■ Power of Attorney signed by an authorised person on behalf of the applicant.In the case of a smooth trade mark registration process, the procedure is the following: ■ Filing the application.

Legal protection will not be granted to designations if they reproduce: ■ industrial designs, the rights to which in Ukraine belong to other persons; ■ titles of scientific, literary and artistic works known in Ukraine or quotations and characters from the said works as well as the artistic works and their fragments without the consent of copyright holders or their legal successors; or ■ surnames, first names, pseudonyms and their derivatives, portraits and facsimiles of persons known in Ukraine without their consent.

The average IELTS score of test takers with Ukrainian as native language is 5.9.

In 2017, the average IELTS score of test takers in Ukraine was 6.24.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (“MEDT”) is the central executive body which implements State policy in the field of intellectual property. the Rules for Drafting, Filing and Consideration of Trademark Applications, 1995 ( “Rules”); 5.

The State enterprise “Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property” (“UA PTO”) is an examination authority managed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. the Paris Convention (International Union), 1883–1967; 6.

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