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requires dating violence education be provided to staff and students of all public schools, grades 7-12.This statute also requires school districts to include in student codes of conduct the definition of dating violence, dating violence warning signs, and instructions for reporting or seeking help relative to dating violence.Early warning signs of an abusive partner For teens and those new to dating and relationships, it’s can be difficult to identify controlling behaviors from caring behaviors.

The Georgia Department of Public Health’s (DPH) 2013 YRBSS data for physical dating violence show that 12.9 percent of females and 11.6 percent of males in high school reported intentionally being physically hurt by someone they were dating or going out with one or more times during the past 12 months.

As a parent, you are critical to helping your teen develop and maintain healthy relationships.

You are also in a position to provide life-saving support if they are being abused.

Each year, the month that so prominently celebrates love also brings with it increased pressure for many to find relationships, especially teens still learning the ropes of dating and relationships.

Without knowledge about constructive relationship-building, many teens find themselves experiencing dating violence or other forms of abusive relationship behavior, often without even realizing it.

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