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Full disclosure: This is how my fiancé and I got back together.We dated on and off throughout college and for a little bit afterwards.Falling in love for the first time is almost dream-like, and I truly believe it's incomparable.

If you proceed with an open mind, you just might be surprised at what is out there waiting for you! This awareness is crucial because it will motivate you to work harder the second time and be more willing to compromise and respond to each other's needs." For some couples who got together when they were young, sometimes a chunk of time passing can be enough to wipe the slate clean, so to speak.Jessica, an attorney from California told us, "Currently creeping up on a very wonderful year with a girl I dated 10 years ago in college. Pretty much everything is way better when you're not two moron babies in your early 20s..." The only way a rekindled romance lasts is if both parties address the thing that made them break up in the first place.Catherine, a New York film editor told us, "My ex and I got back together after two years apart, but it was really just because we were both lonely.Neither of us were really willing to put in the work, we just wanted to be reminded of the good times we had together.

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